Film / Video / Sound

November 2014

Tallaght Community Arts presents "Invocation' 14/11/14 in Gallery 2 RUA RED until the 20th December. This work addresses the sensitive issues of church and state institutional abuse. Invocation engages the civic imagination in a critical way and presents the idea that in thinking of the ruined and scarred lives, there is an onus on us to take account, as individuals, as communities, and as a society. Masterson aims to capture and present some nucleus that allows us to re-visit, recollect and learn from the past. These works portray a fragile and vulnerable human presence, in which we become both victim and onlooker.  A paradox is created. 

The exhibition comprises of six works, three video shorts, and three installations. 'Invocation" one of the video shorts is situated in the Square Shopping Centre Oratory in Unit 127 Level 1 with the kind permission of Fr. Pat Lucey and the Oratory committee.


Duration      3 mins  30 secs
Year            2014

Shrine is a sound and video piece that pays homage to depicted graffiti on church pews in former industrial schools. Twelve graffiti images were selected and inverted to create a certain visual effect.  At first the marks appear abstract, but soon letters, names, dates and numbers can be deciphered.  In some cases an X mark records a vulnerable presents. The audio track accompanying the visual comprises of a variety of sound interpretations corresponding to the visual in an unsettling disharmonious manner, creating a deliberate tension between audio and visual.


Duration      3 mins  39 secs
Year             2014

This film and sound piece relates to the vulnerability of young lives.  It was shot slightly out of focus in order to give a softer rounder form to the shapes that are reminiscent of rows of school children in a classroom setting.  An air of suspense and anticipation is created.  The candles are systemically and randomly blown out, causing an individual and a collective reaction. The sound of a heart beating gradually builds and fades.


Duration      5 mins 
Year             2014

This piece records the journey of three candles burning in St. Kevin's Church Glencree representing light against dark, hope against despair. It provides a time to reflect on the past and to envisage a future with a civil responsibility to treat all human beings with equality, dignity and respect.


May 2011

Maebh O Regan Ph.D. gives a paper on the exhibition "Drawing on the Body", at the centre for History of Medicine in Ireland Conference, University of Ulster, Belfast Campus, May 26th. This is an edited version of fifteen minutes, maximum upload.

Drawing on the Body Video and Sound Installation at the University of Ulster, Belfast Campus

March 2011

Drawing on the Body Video and Sound Installation at Waterford Healing Arts Trust

April 2010

Drawing on the Body Video and Sound Installation at Rua Red Gallery Dublin