I embarked on this project while in lockdown as a result of the Covid-19 crisis, juxtaposing this shared experience with Máighréad Medbh’s prose-poem, “Microcosm,” from her book of internal dialogues, Savage Solitude. In her narrative she speaks as three personas: One is the instinctual emotional self; The Other is an aggregate of society-at-large, represented here by a quote from Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations; I is the conscious, reasoning self. Together they constitute a single consciousness. 

‘Flight’ is a reference to the story of Icarus in Greek myth, giving it a contemporary perspective. The visual and the audio are an embodiment of the dramatic inner dialogue, simultaneously questioning the nature of our existence, behaviour, morality and mortality in a global climate of uncertainty and fear of the unknown.

Flight | 2020 | 40"

Full Duration: 3’ 33” – Fomat” Digital HD – Aspect Ratio: 16:9 – Sound: Stereo


Screenings and Panel Discussions:

Lacuna Festivals 2021 International, Contemporary Art Festival: Distance (02-07-2021)

MESA Magazine online launch (27-03-2021)

The Royal Ulster Academy Annual Exhibition (18-10-2020)

Online Programme Contemporary Irish Arts Center Los Angeles, CIACLA  (24-09-2020)

Winner of the Inaugural Janet Mullarney Prize, Open Submission curated by Joy Gerrard, Séan Kissane, and Jerome O Drisceoil, Highlanes Gallery (06-07-2020)

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