The Longest Night

‘The Longest Night’ was shot late on the night on the 21st December 2020 at a Luas Station in Dublin during the third lockdown in Ireland.  The station was eerily empty and still, except for an late autumn leaf swirling around in the icy cold wind, out of sight of the camera, and heightening our sense of alert.

It is a work about human isolation and urban emptiness due to Covid 19. The loneliness of a transport system functioning without its usual occupants as though trying to maintain some measure of order during a time of trepedation and unpredictablity.  The station night lights radiate in the blue air like homing beacons to the pulsating sound on the tracks, as near empty carriages come and go like ghost trains in the night.  The isolating stillness that remains in the atmosphere ostensibly foreboding some new catastrophe, creates an air of suspense that holds the viewer captive.

The Longest Night | 2021 | 1'

Full Duration: 2' 49" – Format: Digital HD – Aspect Ratio: 16:9 – Sound: Stereo

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