Visual Artist

My practice explores the human condition in social, political and cultural contexts, generating a space to engage with complex issues, raise questions and promote critical dialogue. I use paint, moving images, stills, text and sound to create a multi-layered, meaningful form of expression that investigates new perspectives and examines our assumptions. 

My work is interdisciplinary in nature, sometimes collaborative, and often deals with challenging subject matter regarding our responsibilities as individuals, as communities, and universally. I seek to find alternative points of view in order to critically analyse and create new conversations around humanity’s shared responsibilities. Key components of my practice include painting, drawing, research, film, editing, and sound design. 


Photo credit by H. Powell

Bernie Masterson / A Brief CV

Bernie Masterson was born in Ballymoney, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland, she lives and works in Dublin. Recent exhibitions include: The Royal Ulster Academy Annual Exhibition (2021); I Am What I Am, Ballina Arts Centre Online Program July (2021); Artlink Summer Open (Bring the Mind Home) currated by Kaithlynn Webster June (2021); Lacuna Festivals International, Contemporary Art festivals: Distance July (2021); MExindex 2020 Open Submission curated by Richard Ashrowan, founder of Alchemy Film Festival; Online Screening Programme Contemporary Irish Arts Centre Los Angles, CIALAC Sept 2020; The Annual Royal Ulster Academy Open 2020; The Janet Mullarney Prize winner 2020 curated by Seán Kissane, Joy Gerrard and Jerome O Drisceoil, Highlanes Gallery Drogheda; Eva Gore Booth, curated by the Hamilton Gallery, MoLI Dublin, (Nov 2019); Irish Short Reels Series, Contemporary Irish Arts Center Los Angeles USA, (Aug 2019); Nineteen Hundred and Nineteen, The Hyde Bridge Gallery, Sligo and The Irish Consulate in New York, USA (Sept-Nov 2019); St. Brigid’s Day, curated by Martina Hamilton, The Hamilton Gallery, Sligo, 12 Star Gallery, London (2018); Homeland: Of Memory, LOOP Festival, curated by Angel Garcia and Natalia Foguet, Safia Art Contemporani, Barcelona, Spain (Nov 2018, 2019); The Royal Ulster Academy Annual Exhibition Open (2018); Homeland: Of Memory, curated by Therry Rudin and Patricia Hurl, Damer House Gallery, Roscrea, Co. Tipperary (2018, 2019).

Recent awards include the Royal Ulster Academy Annual Exhibition Prize Winner 2021 sponsored by the 'Irish News' newspaper and adjudicated by Dr. Eimear O' Connor, an Arts Council Agility Award Round One June (2021) and the Janet Mullarney 1st Prize in June 2020 for her short film 'Flight', curated by Seån Kissane, Joy Gerrard and Jerome O Drisceoil in association with the Highlanes Gallery, and an art residency with Mart supported by the Arts Council in 2021.

Her works are in many collections both at home and abroad including the Hightlanes Gallery Collection, OPW, the Civic Theatre Tallaght, Limerick County Council, Mircosoft Ireland, Dept of Telecommunication and Regulation, Tyrone Production, and Harcourt Development, Axa Insurance, Fingal County Council, Department of Finance and Personnel, N. Ireland Civil Service, Allied Irish Bank and many more.