Photo credit by the artist

(12-11-2021)         ‘Flight’, Waterford Film Festival

(02-11-2021)         ‘Flight’, Delta International Film Festival

(29 -10-2021)        ‘The Longest Night’,Royal Ulster Academy Annual Exhibition (Prize Winner)

(19-09-2021)         ‘Three Generation of Queers’, IndieCork Film Festival

(19-09-2021)         ‘Flight, MTU / Crawford College of Art and Design Film Festival

(30-09-2021)         ‘Ezra’ Queerbee Film Festival LGBTQ London

(30-09-2021)         ‘Patricia’ Queerbee Film Festival LGBTQ London

(05-07-2021)          ‘Gray’   LGBTQ Unbordered International Film Festival USA Summer

(05-06-2021)          ‘Three Generations of Queers’  I Am What I Am, Ballina Arts Centre

(03-06-2121)           ‘Bring The Mind Home’ Artlink Members Show, curated by Kathlynn Webster

(02-06-2021)          ‘Flight’ Lacuna Festivals 2021 International, Contemporary Art Festival

(27-03-2021)          ‘Flight’ MESA Magazine online launch (Socially Engaged Arts Practices in Ireland)

(18-12-2020)          ‘Mexindex 2020 Open Submission’, curated by Richard Ashrowan, founder of Alchemy Film Festival, Scotland

(18-10-2020)          ‘Flight’ The Royal Ulster Academy Annual Exhibition

(24-09-2020)          ‘Flight’ Online Programme Contemporary Irish Arts Center Los Angeles (CIACLA) 

(06-07-2020)          ‘Flight’ Highlanes Gallery Drogheda Co. Louth Ireland

(06-09-2019)          ‘Incarceration Altars #3’ ‘Open Mind’, The National Prisoners Exhibition RUA RED Gallery Dublin

(22-08-2019)          ‘Incarceration Altars #3’  Irish Short Reels Series, Contemporary Irish Arts Center Los Angeles  (CIACLA) 

(15-07-2019)          ‘Incarceration Altars #3, 4, & 5’ at the European Prison Education Association Conference, TU Dublin

(28-11-2019)          ‘Bold Writing’ Homeland ‘On Changing Your Mind’, The Institute Cervantes, Dublin 2

(22-11-2019)          ‘Bold Writing’ The LOOP Festival, Cage Contemporary Art Gallery Exhibitions Cortines 23 BAjos 2, 08003 Barcelona Spain

(10-08-2019)          ‘Bold Writing’ Homeland ‘On Changing Your Mind’, Damer House Gallery Roscrea Co. Tipperary

(22-11-2018)          ‘Incarceration Altars #3’  Homeland ‘Of Memory’, LOOP Festival Barcelona Spain

(11-08-2018)          ‘Incarceration Altars #3’ Homeland ‘Of Memory’, Damer House Gallery Roscrea Co. Tipperary

(06-07- 2018)         ‘Incarceration Altars Five Channel’ Irish Prison Education Association Conference, Irish Prison Service College Portlaoise

(12-10-2017)          ‘Incarceration Altars Five Channel’ Rathdown House Grangegorman Public Art Per Cent Project, TU Dublin

(17-05-2017)         ‘Bold Writing’ Glitch Festival, Digital Traces Rua Red Gallery, curated by Matthew Nevin and Ciara Scanlan of MART Dublin

(09-03-2017)         ‘The Art of Writing’ Humans Sharing Spaces chq Building Dublin

(06-07-2016)         ‘Bold Writing’ Discover Hidden Gems, MFA Group Show, curated by Sarah Durcan, The Annex, 101 -103 James St Dublin

(18-11-2015)         ‘Shrine’ ‘Don’t Step On The Cracks’ curated by Amanda Jane Graham, the Solas Art Gallery, Ballinamore, Co. Leitrim

(26-05-2011)          ‘Drawing On The Body’ Centre for History of Medicine in Ireland Conference, University of Ulster Belfast

(18-03-2011)          ‘Drawing On The Body’ Waterford Healing Arts Trust

(10-04-2010)          ‘Drawing On The Body’ Rua Red Gallery 2 Dublin